Y I N + P O W E R

You must rise to receive
pray + be clear 
feel and ask
but then take the stairs
go up to a higher floor
to meet your desire
receive your request
einstein said you can't solve a problem from the same mindset that created it
and yet we know the two are one
every problem comes with a solution
what we desire is desiring us
so why do we as a collective
have a beggar's mentality
asking but with problems with receiving
because the goddess was ripped out of history
our story
she is all about
receiving accepting loving inclusively and unconditionally
self care as nourishment
we have to love the inside to meet it on the outside
the only reason you're looking on the outside
is because you've failed to find it internally
why do you have a need, a hunger, a thirst
it is because your insides are desiring you
your attention
Y I N  P O W E R 
to find it, feel it, wear it 
on the inside first
this is how to heal your self worth 
by loving and deeply accepting your self
to deserve
is to self care your way out of the deception of separation
come back into the awareness of union
withIN yourself
this will raise + rise + your vibe
like going to a department store
a lighthouse or a temple
and speaking the need, articulating the request, the want
the desire that hungers 
thirsts itself
and then by taking the elevator or the escalator
or the spiraling stairs 
you meet it
greet it
allow it
let yourself receive it
not make such a big bad deal about it
by going without it
ease flow
sacred union
you with you
you with all of life
the battle is won
Y I N + P O W E R 

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Allow Yourself to Flower



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